Autism’s numbers game: Prevalence rates under microscope in fight for resources, support services

Top autism specialists are questioning the 1 in 68 autism prevalence rate used by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and repeated by organizations all over North America. My story from July 25, 2014

National Post

At 17, Emily Buczek is a beloved daughter and a worry for her parents.

The young Etobicoke, Ont., woman likes watching Disney movies online and wearing nail polish. She also has severe autism, is developmentally delayed and is mostly non-verbal. Her mother Christina has fought tooth and nail over the years to ensure Emily gets the services she needs to realize her potential.

Ms. Buczek and her husband plan to have their daughter live at home with them as long as possible. But they wonder what will happen to her as they grow older. Although there is greater focus on programs and services for children with autism — though not enough to meet actual needs, critics say — Ms. Buczek sees dwindling resources for her daughter once she turns 18 and starts becoming ineligible for the help she’s received so far.

NA0726_Autism prevalence_C_AB

Prevalence rates — numbers showing how many non-autistic people…

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