TDSB told cost to install solar panels higher than expected, leaving roof replacements in doubt

My story July 24, 2014. And so goes the saga of solar panels for new roofs at the TDSB.

National Post

A plan by Toronto’s public school board to replace school roofs through the production of green energy is facing new setbacks.

A confidential note to the Toronto District School Board’s 22 trustees on Wednesday advised costs for the solar panel project — supposed to help fund the replacement of more than 4 million square feet of school roofs — are higher than first pegged. That’s because of greater than expected costs to the board’s private partner — School Top Solar LP — for roofing, installing the panels and fees to Toronto Hydro for hooking up to its power grid.

The board could end up with fewer free roof replacements as a result, the note said, marking yet another step backward from the expectation three years ago that most of the TDSB’s school roofs would be repaired through the project.

Part of the potential cost overrun is the result of school…

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