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I know Moira MacDonald as a journalist. She is a consummate professional, always doing thorough research for her articles, checking in with the editor at appropriate junctures, and meeting deadlines. She is also a wonderful writer, and her three nominations and two awards for stories she has written for University Affairs speak to her excellence. As an editor, I feel extremely fortunate to have Moira MacDonald among my stable of top writers and reporters.”

Peggy Berkowitz
Former Editor, University Affairs

“I worked with Moira MacDonald at the Toronto Sun for 20 years up to 2012, 10 years of that as the Sun’s Comment Editor, when she was the education columnist writing for my section.

Moira is a superb writer; smart, accurate, fair, honest, hardworking and a self-starter.

She is able to research and explain complex issues clearly, concisely and on deadline.

I would trust Moira with any writing assignment, including sensitive ones that require wisdom and maturity as well as speed and finesse.

Anyone who hires Moira is going to be delighted with the result.”

Lorrie Goldstein
Former Comment Editor, Toronto Sun

“Moira has the unique ability to take a complex idea, often based on academic research, and present it in a way so that it is accessible to all readers without losing the key lessons of the idea.”

Ken McGuffin
Manager, Media Relations
Rotman School of Management

“Moira MacDonald is one of the best teachers that I’ve ever encountered. No matter what type of writing you want to improve, Moira will give you the honest and detailed feedback you need to become a better writer, and assist you in the pursuit of your literary dreams.

Always friendly and helpful, she truly cares about her students and personalizes her teaching style and feedback to tailor to your unique needs. She inspired me to write about the things that I was most passionate about and gave me a new confidence in my abilities as a writer.

Moira is the reason I decided to enrol into full-time journalism school to start a second career, and I sincerely wish that she was one of my current professors.”

Dominique Taylor
Former student, Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University